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Contributed Talks

Each contributed talk is given a 20 minute long slot. Please prepare a 15 minute talk, to leave ample time for questions. These talks will be recorded as this is a PASCAL2 core workshop. If this is a problem we believe we can work around this, please email moc.liamelgoog|seyabpn#moc.liamelgoog|seyabpn. Contributors are encouraged to engage the audience in discussion, by posing open questions, questioning commonly held folklore, speculating on potential directions of research etc.


There will be a spotlight session right before the poster session. Each poster present is to present a 2 minute summary to advertise his/her poster to the participants. Please send a one page PDF file for your spotlight to moc.liamelgoog|seyabpn#moc.liamelgoog|seyabpn. We will use a single laptop for the spotlights to save on time to switch computers.

The poster boards used will be the same as for the ICML posters. These have width 950 mm and height 1150 mm (37.4 X 45.3 inches). The poster session will be held in a separate room from the workshops, as the poster boards cannot be fit into the workshop rooms. We
currently do not have information about the poster rooms yet.

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