Name Email Interest Level Attendance chance Contribution chance
Sharon Goldwater ude.nworb|retawdlog_norahs#ude.nworb|retawdlog_norahs Interested Possibly Possibly
Mark Johnson ude.nworb|nosnhoj_kram#ude.nworb|nosnhoj_kram Very Definite Probably; software discussion
David Blei||ielb Very Definitely applications discussion
Dan Roy ude.tim|yord#ude.tim|yord Very Probably Probably
Erik Sudderth ude.yelekreb.scee|htreddus#ude.yelekreb.scee|htreddus Very Probably Possibly; applications discussion
Emily Fox ude.tim|xofbe#ude.tim|xofbe Very Probably Possibly
Fei Sha moc.liamg|ahsief#moc.liamg|ahsief Very Probably Unlikely
Eric Xing||gnixpe Very Definitely Definitely; applications discussion
Max Welling||gnillew Very Definitely Definitely; software discussion; efficient inference
Ian Porteous||uoetropi Very Definitely Possibly; software discussion
Kenichi Kurihara moc.liamg|arahiruk.ihcinek#moc.liamg|arahiruk.ihcinek Very Unlikely No
Hal Daume eman.3lah|em#eman.3lah|em Very Probably full; Definitely partial Probably; software discussion
Kevin Murphy||kyhprum Interested Possibly No; software discussion
Francois Caron||rfnorac Very Probably Probably
Katherine Heller||relleh Very Definitely Possibly
Chris Williams||wikc Interested Possibly (if attend ICML will attend workshop) No
Jurgen Van Gael||972vj Very Definitely Probably
Neil Lawrence||ecnerwaL.lieN Very Probably Possibly
Peter Orbanz hc.zhte.fni|znabrop#hc.zhte.fni|znabrop Very Possibly Possibly
Cedric Archambeau||uaebmahcrA.C Very Possibly full, Probably partial No
David Barber moc.liamg|rebrabodivad#moc.liamg|rebrabodivad Very Probably Possibly
Frank Wood||doowf Very Definitely Probably
Dilan Gorur||nalid Very Definitely Probably
Brendan Frey ac.otnorotu.isp|yerf#ac.otnorotu.isp|yerf Interested Possibly (if attend ICML will attend workshop) Possibly (same)
Danny Tarlow||wolratd Very Probably Possibly
Daichi Mochihashi pj.oc.ttn.lcek.balsc|ihciad#pj.oc.ttn.lcek.balsc|ihciad Very Probably Possibly
Songfang Huang||gnauH.F.S Very Probably Definitely
Volker Tresp moc.snemeis|psert.reklov#moc.snemeis|psert.reklov Very Definitely Definitely; relational models
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